If you’ve never had the good fortune of having ceramic &porcelain flooring in your home, we have to suggest you stop and learn a bit more about them. These flooring products not only enhance the appearance of every room they’re installed in, but they also offer benefits you’ll have to experience to believe. Totop it all off, they have an excellent, long lifespan that will make sure you get exactly what you paid for in your floor covering.

At Carpet Station, our family owned flooring business is completely dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers. To achieve this, we offer a large selection of floor coverings and products, excellent services to go with them, and some of the most affordable prices in the area. Many homeowners from the Chino, Chino Hills, Pomona, and East Vale communities have already stopped into our Chino, CA showroom. What they found helped make their dreams of the perfect floor covering become a reality. We’d like to do that for you as well, and invite you to visit when convenient.


No matter what type of appearance you’re going for in a flooring, ceramic & porcelain tile are likely to have it. From a gorgeous, all natural look that needs only a clear coat, to amazing solid colors, patterns, and mosaics that set off any decor, you’re going to love these materials. On the all-natural side, you can even hand pick each single tile, for an overall look that is precisely what you need. On the artistic side, you can have tiles as small as a postage stamp that comes together to create a floor covering that is just as unique as you are yourself.

Water resistance is one of the most well-known characteristics of ceramic & porcelain floor tiles. It’s why they are so often used in the bathroom, even using tile as accent pieces on walls and backsplashes. What’s more, you can even coat these tiles with a protective anti-slip glaze and install them inside the shower as well. This creates an amazing look of continuity that never goes out of style.

In addition to bathroom placement, these tiles can easily fit into the decor of any room, any time of year. Just think about the conversation starter a living room ceramic tile mosaic would create. Guests will really be wowed to see the way you incorporate this flooring into your design scheme.