While laminate flooring is inspired by, and looks just like, solid hardwood flooring, it has many benefits that sometimes make it a better option. For instance, it’s certainly more affordable, and yet offers you a wide variety of species types, textures, and patterns to choose from. If you’re on a specific budget, and still want the look of solid wood floors, this flooring is the perfect for your needs. And there are still more benefits that make it even more tempting.

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Most homeowners choose laminate as a wood flooring alternative. As the first wood look flooring on the market in the United States, it has always been a go-to material for this look, and remains so to this day. However, over the course of time, it has also come to emulate some other looks as well. All natural stone, for instance, and ceramic and porcelain tile flooring are other looks this flooring mimics, with complete accuracy.

A stable platform is certainly needed to make these appearances not only look the same, but also feel the same when walked on. A flimsy material could never pull it off as well, so you’ll benefit also from the plank and tile thickness of this material. Featuring a click and lock installation system, you’ll find these pieces also make installation a quick and easy process. They can even help to make uneven subfloor layers look as if they have always been absolutely perfect.

Keeping these floors clean and well maintained can be just as easy as you might expect. Be sure to sweep or vacuum regularly, following up with a warm, damp mop. For tougher messes, a bit of soapy water can be factored into the cleaning regimen.