There’s no doubt that hardwood flooring offers one of the longest lifespans in flooring. In fact, this is why many homeowners prefer it above so many other options. But there is so much more to this flooring than lifespan. For instance, it’s incredibly durable, looks great no matter what your decor style, and can stand up to changing trends. It’s truly a timeless flooring material that can even be an investment in your future. You owe it to yourself to find out what these floors have to offer you.

At Carpet Station, we are a family owned flooring company that places our customers in first place, every single time. With a wide selection of floor coverings, as well as related products and services, we make sure you are satisfied before you ever leave our Chino, CA showroom. Our prices are competitive and affordable, no matter what your budget. Having spent years serving the Chino, Chino Hills, Pomona, Ontario, and East Vale locations, we’d love for you to stop in for a visit, so we can serve you as well. Bring in your budget plan, along with your needs and preferences, and see how we can turn your house into a home.


Of course, the lifespan of this flooring is always a draw. Lastingas long as 100 years, and even longer in some cases, our customers know this is likely to be the last floor covering they will ever have installed. With proper care and maintenance, it can truly be a piece of history, passed down. Even if you decide to sell your home at some point in the future, you’ll be happy to find that these floors help bring a higher price at final sale.

Every hardwood floors come with a certain amount of durability that is far and above what most homeowners need. With specific carein installation of application of topical protectants, you’ll find it stands up very well to everyday wear and tear. With finishes such as hand scraped, distressed, and vintage, you’ll even notice it takes a lot longer for that wear and tear to actually show through.

You’ll find that all your decor needs are met, and you’ll even be able to weather several interior decor trends without having to change a single thing about your flooring. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of stain colors, from clear to nearly black, and everything in between. These colors can be changed during a refinishing project, so if you do find yourself wanting a little something different, it’s certainly possible.